Just starting out? Here are some things that you’ll need to think about before you open your doors.

A website, email addresses, and a merchant processing account.


Websites are no longer value add-ons. They are the bare minimum for a business. Your customers want to know how they can get in touch, where they can find you, what your prices are, what you can do for them and much more. Your competition has that information on their website – do you?


If you don’t take your business seriously enough to pay for an email address with your business (you@yourcompany.com), why should your customers? If your “business” email ends in @gmail.com or @yahoo.com, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to reinforce your branding, and you’re giving customers the wrong impression.

Merchant Processing

A merchant processing account allows you to take credit card or debit card payments. Depending on the service you sign up for, it can also allow you take payment online, over the phone or at a remote location. It’s hard enough making yourself stand out amongst your competition. It’s hard enough to make a sale. You don’t want to make it hard for them to pay you.