For one reason or another, you’re not currently charging shipping for a subscription product. Maybe there was no shipping charge when the customer first signed up for the subscription, and you want to start charging for shipping. Maybe the customer qualified for free shipping when they purchased the subscription, but no longer qualify.


The instructions given here involve manually setting a shipping fee that will be added to the subscription total each billing period. Since this is a manual fee, if your shipping costs change in the future, they won’t update here. You’ll have to manually change the shipping costs.

    1. From the Subscription details page, click on Add item(s) in the Order Items box.

    2. Click on the Add Shipping button that appears on the right side.

    3. When the new row line item for Shipping appears, hover your mouse over it, and then click on the “Edit” pencil icon.

    4. Pick a shipping method, and enter the price, optionally giving it a name that will mean something to you or your customer (“2 day shipping”, for example), and then hit Save

      Note that you’re creating a manual shipping method & fee – you’re not choosing an existing shipping method. This means that any price changes for shipping in the future won’t be reflected in this subscription – you’ll need to manually update the shipping costs here.
    5. Don’t forget to hit Update to save any other changes.