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Barnwell Farms was a product line from Kicker’s BBQ, and their website was being forwarded to kickersbbqtruck.com, which sold both lines of products. Eventually, the brand became large enough to warrant their own URL. While they already had a WordPress site set up, complete with theme & logo, they needed some help updating the products offered, pricing, and adding some new products. We were able to set up a new line of products, Stony, featuring hand crafted wooden furniture, keeping them separate from the main attraction, delicious home-made jams & jellys.

Once the site was finished, our team worked with barnwellfarms’ hosting provider to remove the forwarding to kickersbbqtruck, and have that site forward to barnwellfarms.com, as they were now the star of the show!

With the new online store set up, we were hired to manage the social media for Barnwell farms. Over the years as a popular food truck in downtown Austin, Kickers BBQ had amassed quite a following on social media. Our goal was to leverage this following to grow Barnwell Farms’s presence. We have helped convert some of Kicker’s audience into followers of Barnwell Farms, which in turn has increased traffic to barnwellfarms.com.